I Send An Angel

"Behold, I send an Angel before you,

to guard you on the way and to bring you

to the places which I have prepared."

~Exodus 23:20




Excerpts From My Akashic Life Reading on  July 20, 2005

Ashlem speaks to Lourene:
(Jesus is sitting with Ashlem and I)

You are here to teach the Universes. Be aware of manipulations! Be calm. Let Wisdom guide thee and everything will come to pass that is supposed to. That is what your Spirit is saying to thee. And your dream about Classmates coming forth, who will be greater, closer friendships that you will endear in this Period of Time of Life, thru your advancement of yourself working with other peoples to teach them of the Higher Self.
You will go forth and you will lecture and you will teach. It is important at this time. You could be teaching different kinds of peoples of different languages. Would you not express this? Maybe in time...International.
Master Jesus comes thru thee at this time. He is with thee at all times. It is time to prepare yourself for traveling. You make your own Contract in this Lifetime of what thee wish to do. Whatever it is that thee wish to do, your first priority , primary purpose is to teach and bring Love upon the Earth Plane.
You bring the Greater Knowledge to yourself for the benefit of others, and you give it to them freely with Love and Dignity. It is for this purpose that they have been giving to thee Symbols which are not difficult to figure out.
Lourene:  A voice spoke to me and said: “We will have to get World Global Express into your Garden somehow.”  Does this mean that it needs to grow and if so, how can I get it to grow more?”
Ashlem:  “Of course! By putting the right people into order that wishes to volunteer time to express the ‘World Global Express’ and send it worldwide into different ways and areas, using much of the Internet to do it with. You do not have time to do it yourself. You only direct it. It is not a web site we are speaking of. We are talking about the Wisdom and Knowledge you have gathered together of this Time, putting I, Ashlem’s knowledge I have given to thee and others, your teacher and Master, Jesus Sananda, who is sitting here with I, to understand of this Time.  It is Time to begin to GROW! World Global Express encompasses all of the information that you have. Listen to your Greater Consciousness.  This is a venue of Life that comes forth at this time.

Jesus and Mary come that you may understand the works of it. Many things have to come forth yet upon the Earth Plane. The Dragons have come forth to spit their fire upon the Earth; yet the waters have come forth to quell the Dragon. I give to thee, this sign of Peace, my Covenant unto thee… (Circle of God)  Walk into the Light!”   

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