"The Beauty of Grace lies within all who stand forth in their Being. Often people upon the Earth Plane have their projection of what is good and what is not good. 'Tho they judge it upon the Earth Plane, they Cannot judge it in the Spirit, For there is nothing but Truth here and nothing to judge, but to analyze and to realize what is the Purpose of Life." ~ Jesus

Guilt ~ Thy guilt is an error of thine own judgment. Thou art perfect in my sight. Thy Self do not mark, for I AM in thee!

You ~ Remember that you are loved without condition. Remember that there is none greater than anyone else regardless of their title, for God has created all of you equal. IT is time to remember who you truly are, where you came from and where you are going. You were created out of Love and you will always carry that Divine Spark of Love within your heart. Remember that you are Human and Divine! Beloveds, come into that which is Divine in you. Experience and share this Love for it brings to you, the Light Heart, the Light Body and the Light of your Soul. Tune into this vibration and sing 'The Melody of Love.'

Dreams ~ Dreams are the Reality of the Illusion. Enjoy that which is given to you for it is your own.

Visions ~ Visions are Truth breaking thru the Illusion. They are self meeting Self, face to face.

Miracle ~ If you expect a Miracle, It shall be yours; for thy Faith renders all things possible!

Change ~ Bend thyself in the gentleness of Change and in the holding of this flow shall you stand tall in its halting.

Prosperity ~ Draw this vibration unto thyself as though it is infinite and let it flow thru you in the expansion of all you can gather. As you are filled, so shall you fill others, and your cup shall runneth over!
    Peaceful Thoughts

"The World's Greatest Teachings are in our hearts.
We just need to remember them!
~ Karita


"We know you each by your name. You are one with us.
We of The Intergalactic Planetary Commission,
The Brotherhood of Light, Ascended Masters,
The Spiritual Hierarchy and all forms of Light,
Convey our utmost gratitude to all who are Caring and
Sharing our blessed words of Love and Light with the World.
We are your Brothers and Sisters in Light.


"Your Future is the reincarnation of your thoughts."
~ unknown


"Every atom has a frequency, pulsed by the breath of the universe...
every spirit has a song awaiting the season of the illuminated heart."
~ from the Wingmakers.com Charlottemarie


"Your Inner Beauty Shines Like A Beacon Of Light"
~ Karita


"In my thoughts there is only one Universal religion
Whose varied paths are but the fingers of the loving Hand
Of The Supreme Being and Loving Presence of all life."
~ Kahlil Gibran


"As I spread myself thru the Winds of Time thru
the Earth at this Time, for all creatures and all beings;
I give My Love totally and fully for all People of this Life,

that you may know of your Greater Spirit. It is My Message
that I come to thee at this Time for. Let it be so of this Time ... Peace."
~ Jesus Sananda

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