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I Send An Angel - Excerpts From My Akashic Life Reading on July 20, 2005...
'You are here to teach the Universes.'
Messages From Heaven - "The Beauty of Grace lies within all who stand forth in their Being. Often people upon the Earth Plane have their projection of what is good and what is not good. 'Tho they judge it upon the Earth Plane, they Cannot judge it in the Spirit, For there is nothing but Truth here and nothing to judge, but to analyze and to realize what is the Purpose of Life." ~ Jesus
Birth Signs & Flowers - The Beauty of You in Physical Reality.
A Face In Time - The beginning of Great Changes for Mother Earth.
Chart of Your Divine Self - The Other You - Your Christ Consciousness Within and Your Soul's Evolution.
Lenticular Clouds - Strange "Flying Saucer" Shaped Clouds!
World Global Express - We are Emissaries of The Brotherhood of Light serving Mankind. We bring messages of Love, Peace and Harmony in order to dispel your fears and the untruths that you have been given by those not of The Light. Nothing but Truth and Light shall enter these pages.
Servers Of All - Our Benevolent Brothers and Sisters of The Light - Heavenly Hosts are Here to Serve and to Teach Mankind Universal Love and Peace and How to Attain Higher Consciousness, gaining Heaven on Earth.
The Worlds Greatest Teachings - by The Christ and Other Masters and Avatars, Telepathically Communicated To Karita. These "Messages" from the Heavenly Hosts are for all Nations, under God, Indivisible, with urgency and necessary instructions for World Peace.
Lourene - aka Karita, Author, Visionary- Emissary of Light, Member of The Spiritual Hierarchy and The Brotherhood of Light, Conveyor ( transmitter) of Messages of Love, Peace and Light between Heaven and Earth, God and Man.


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