Garden Gate

My vibrations are raising higher as my heart steps up its beating. Above my bed appears an indescribably beautiful pattern of Cosmic-blue Light mist. Half awake and half asleep, I can hear a steady humming vibration. At first it was soft, but became heavier and stronger. I am being impressed with the thought of the Presence of Jesus, as a steady rhythmic vibration quickened. A large sign appears with the words: 'TO THE ROYAL ROAD.' With that, the vibrations slow to a stop.

There are no words to describe the moving honeycomb patterns I am seeing . A purple Light comes into the scene and changes to violet. As I moved slightly, the pace quickened. Two separate vibrating patterns of Light Energy changed colors simultaneously, vibrating faster and faster . Suddenly one turned into
a comet of brilliant Light with the tail just as bright, streaming quickly upward towards me, the other now matching vibration of Light! These Light Vibrations are blending together, pulsating and vibrating at a much faster rate of speed.

How magnificent this is! It is so very beautiful and ethereal. It is majestic! Now they burst into a beautiful Circle of Oneness in pure Brilliant Golden White Light! The
Cosmic Integration has taken place !

I see myself and a masculine form of Light standing together before a
Golden Light Form that resembles Jesus. I am facing this Golden Being of Light. The masuline Light form stands to the side, facing us. Now I see nothing else but this Triunity of Love Energy. We are suspended in Time and Space. I asked if I am allowed to question.

The beautiful Golden Being answered: "By all means."

I inquired: "May I ask where I am and why I am here?"

The Golden Being answered: "
At the edge of your Stratosphere, and then some. For the ships that have carried you have come from long distances, to take you further into those Higher Levels of Harmony, Peace and Love; for the purpose of furthering your growth pattern from that which you are steeped in. You have been practicing for a long time, how to rise to the occasion, further and further being lifted....being prepared for that Great Coronation Day."

(I am weeping.)

"Your tears fall as raindrops into the Heavens that surround you. The further they fall, the smaller they become, until they turn into dew drops which glisten in the sun. You are a rainbow of Light, a rainbow of Love. I hold you to my heart, my own, my Dove. Be at peace.
You are here to learn how to transcend the physical. This act has transpired many times since you have become lighter and lighter in density, transforming into the beautiful Light Body which you are intended. Seek ye the understanding of that which is given, for it is with much Love that I implant in the hearts of all, the beauty which you carry.

The King transcends and ascends the Throne and awaits the seating beside him, the beauty which you carry. The King transcends and ascends the Throne and awaits the seating beside him
of the Love which he has nurtured. I draw the outline around this Heart Center, that you would step thru and be filled."

The Golden Being touches first his heart and
uses his right forefinger to draw a golden outline around my own heart. Immediately, Golden Light outlined my entire body and I also became totally filled with Golden Light! A Golden Being!

He continues: "Come into my
Garden of Peace and Love and reign with me in this Dawning of Golden Light. Observe the Universes around you. Know of their beauty. And know of their longing for you to come home."

"May I ask what is the name where I am?" I aspired.

"It is termed
'The Seventh Heaven', where Tranquility covers you. Oh my precious gentle One, I taste the sweetness of thy Love and thy devotion, thy desires and thy longings; the Food of My Heart, which sustains my Love, creating anew, the Fires of Divinity. I long to be loved and I love to be loved. I hold you in my Peace that I may rest with you; for you have come to appease my heart, which longs for thee.

"In the inbreath of my Life and my Love have I called you to me and I bless you. Remain in the Spirit of this High Joy Vibration...(He is touching my heart) that I may know the beating therein; that I may speak of this Love so Pure."

Overwhelmed in my tears of Joy, I slowly come into the awareness of Time. I notice it is
3:56 a.m.

The Golden Voice speaks again: "And all Time is Now! Enter into the Holy of Holies! You are prepared, Mariaeah."

Slipping back into a semi-sleep, I hear once again, the beautiful Golden Voice: "Come to Me, for you are My Light and My Love."

It is now 4:07 a.m. ~ I am Karita


Beautiful People of Earth, I tell you of this vision so that you may understand and know that your Love for one another and your fellow men will lift you into the Realms of Heaven; The Father's Mansions. You have no idea, nor can you fathom what awaits you.

There are no words in our Earth Language that can describe what is in store for you. I want to give you Hope, so I share a little bit of what Heaven is like. Perhaps I have given you a little taste of Heaven with these words from the Seventh Heaven that I have visited. If so, then I have served you and Our Creator. Love and be Loved! ~ Karita

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