Ashlem & Karita Dialogue    
Rev. Bob: “ I see a beautiful Golden Light emanating from a pinpoint of Light, expanding in the center of the picture. It is very bright as it expands. It becomes softer and softer. It fills the picture now with very soft Golden Light. That Golden Light begins to fade into beautiful White Light. The Golden flecks in the White Light express The Christ. How beautiful it is as it is expanding. Now images are forming in that White Light. There are beautiful wildflowers, those magnificent wildflowers that I see so often; and the trees of the Forest and the Springs that feed a Waterfall that feeds a Pool of Water, and that Pool of Water feeds the Stream that continues to flow thru Eternity. The sky…being magnificently blue with Rainbows in the sky… everything is so pristine. Now the White Rock appears, standing next to the Pool of Water above the flowers.

On the White Rock Appears a beautiful Golden Flame; a flame like a candle flame that flickers only at the top. The Light is very bright, very shining. It grows in size and intensity. It softens and begins to diminish. As always, Ashlem is standing in that beautiful flame of Golden Wisdoms and Knowledge. Ashlem stands with his hands like in prayer, his head bowed. The Golden Light goes out. Ashlem is still bowing, slightly. Now, suddenly, a Light, a White Light that is oval shaped appears in front of Ashlem. It becomes brighter and brighter. I can’t see Ashlem any more, but an image is forming in that White Light.

It is a beautiful Space Woman from Venus. She has on a beautiful shimmering space suit like; showing all the curves of her body in the form of Human. Her face is pristine, beautiful. She has magnificent blue eyes, long blonde hair reaching beyond her shoulders, curling at the ends. She is standing like in prayer also. Now she lifts her head and begins to speak:

Space Woman: “I AM Elzeenah. I AM your Sister of Spirit in the Spirit World of The Brotherhood of Light. I AM one with thee. I have come forth a long distance thru the Cosmos that I may be with thee of this Time…to help thee on this Plane of Earth thru the aspect of understanding The Brotherhood… That you may broadcast it unto others through your writings. You will reach many in this Lifetime of Being. Speak my name in your sleep. I will come forth. Do not be frightened of my Light, my great Light that shines from I, because it is your Light of Purity I AM reflecting upon thee. My dear Sister, we have been together for Millenniums of Time with The Brotherhood. I AM here to serve thee. Let I do that with Love. Remember my name. I will be waiting for thee. Peace.”

Rev. Bob: “She fades away as the White Light fades away. Ashlem is still meditating. He ends his meditation, opens his hands, palms upward and in the palm of his hands, a beautiful White Rose of The Christ appears. Now ethericly, behind Ashlem, appears a figure; very etheric. It is the Blessed Virgin Mary who stands greater than life size behind him, smiling. Ashlem smells the beautiful White Rose. Mary disappears. Ashlem bows his head and wishes to speak thru. I give my permission.”

Ashlem: “I AM Ashlem, known as Golden Image. I say to thee ‘Hail’. Unto the Blessedness of Life to thy Servitude of this Time for I Ashlem and others upon this Earth Plane, we bring thee tidings of Joy of this Time. It is your Sister of The Brotherhood of Light who has come forth at this Time. She is only one of them, for you have many. Many Sisters in The Brotherhood. She has come forth a looong distance throughout the Cosmos. Longer than you could even begin to imagine thru Time and Space. She has come to be with thee for this remaining of Time upon this Earth Plane. She will serve thee as you ask her to serve thee, but you must become important of this Life Time to begin with. Now there are many questions I will answer for thee. Please begin.”

Karita: “Thank you. I look forward to this.

Karita: “Jeannie Lovell, a beautiful person, who was just here for a sitting with thee, has been working with me on my web site. We work very well together. I wondered if we have been together in another lifetime.?”

Ashlem: “There are no strangers in your life. As I have said before, when you walk down the street and said “Good Morning” to a perfect stranger and they said, “Good Morning” to thee, know that you have said "Good Morning’" to them before. It is not important. She is a Sister of The Brotherhood of Light, as your Sister has come forth at this Time. She will work with thee upon the Earth Plane. I am speaking of Jeannie Lovell, do thee understand? Not your Sister of Spirit. She, Jeannie will work with thee here upon the Earth Plane to keep everything in order to continue the Force of Creation, world wide, for the acceptance of your new book.”

Karita: “Do you think in the future she and I could do some work together as far as lectures and selling books?”

Ashlem: “ There is much possibility with each if you wish it to be so. It is not for I to decide this. It is up to thee and to she. Your friendship is thru The Brotherhood.”

Karita: “ Yes. We have bonded very well together.”

Ashlem: “ Thru The Brotherhood.”

Karita: “ In my sleep Ashlem, I heard ‘Solar Radicals’. What is that about? Does that mean that there is something radically happening on the sun?”

Ashlem: “ Of course there is! We have spoken of this before. Solar flares you call of them. The Brotherhood calls them ‘radicals’ of the sun. Your heat source. Your source of living energy. The sun is expanding. It is preparing to grow the Pole Shift.”

Karita: “ I know. The sun is brighter than ever. Do you think the Pole Shift will be coming in 2012? Most people think it is.”

Ashlem: “ Nay. I know. But if they keep thinking it, will not thought create that circumstance? “

Karita: “ Yes. I would rather it not come, because we have a lot of work to do yet to open people’s awareness.”

Ashlem: “ We do not believe this will happen in three years. It’s almost two years now, then …why do anything?”

Karita: “ This is true, but I want to reach as many people as I can, especially thru my web site.”

Ashlem: “ It will take more than two years.” (for the Pole Shift)

Karita: “ The Stock Market is going up, but will it continue?”

Ashlem: “ We are hoping so, but we cannot do any manipulating of it. It is up to the American Public, do thee understand? And the investors into the Market. You see, the ‘Big Money’ as you call of it, are still manipulating the Market, are they not? Then that is why I have said to thee, that it goes like a bouncing ball. If one is watches it carefully, as the stocks go higher, then selling the stocks they could utilize a fund, keeping that fund separate and not putting it back into that stock again, until that stock has depleted down again. Then purchase it at that price, because that is what the ‘Big Money People’ are doing. They are making money on the Market, because they are investing millions, and returning it again, do thee understand?”

Karita: “ Yes. They play a game.”

Ashlem: “ It is so, but thy have the money to do it with. It is not illegal what they are doing, except the Public does not know this. You are a little person, a small cog in a great big wheel. Yet that small cog is important to turn that big wheel. There are many others helping to turn it also. Then I say to thee at this Time of Being thru the Meditation of your investments, be wise in what you do. I have said to thee a long time ago, about your Fuel Cells…continue to hold them. The other commodity stocks that you have are almost worthless. And the Real Estate stock you had? At this time, I would keep it yet as I believe its value will increase shortly…as the Market evolves, Real Estate is rising. Now you see the big money has bought most of the short sale houses, waiting for the market to cure itself. Then they will put their properties on the market to sell at greater prices because they have the money to do this with. Then your stocks will be worth more. Brokers are in the business to make money for themselves with your money. “

Karita: “ There is much talk about the adverse effects of the Swine Flu Shot.”

Ashlem: “ They have put preserves in this so they can keep it fresh and use it again next year.”

Karita: “ But then what will that do to the human body?”

Ashlem: “ Not good. And they cannot make it mandatory as that is against the Constitution of The United States. But now the Health Situation is bordering upon the Constitution and causing much disturbance into the Senate and the House divided. It is not good to be divided. The Republicans know this so that’s why they have divided the House. They don’t want Mr. Obama to succeed, nor do the Doctors want Obama to succeed. They want to have their Freedom of Choice. They don’t want Medicare to dictate to them how much money they can get for their service. That is where the drawback comes. Medicare says we are only going to pay this to thee, but on the open market, you can get this! Then the Doctors say, ‘I have to pay so much money for malpractice suits, and that scale is enormous. It is why your doctor’s fees are so great, because of man’s greed. If the doctor makes even an honest mistake, they up and sue him for malpractice. He can’t afford the attorneys, so therefore he pays. And the attorneys, they are smart also! They can keep a suit course going for years and years and years when it could be solved in just a few months. It is like dentists. They say “Save the tooth and keep making more money from that tooth.”

Karita: “ Yes. Speaking of the Economy. Things are not good. Gardens are not growing and people are complaining that everything they plant dies. All mine died also.”

Ashlem: “ Because you are using Hybrid seeds. The Government is trying very hard to eliminate normal, natural seeds. So that they can only sell hybrid seeds. Into the area of Arizona, there is so much spores into the air that kill the blossoms. The plants grow and blossom, but do not bear fruit, because the spores kill them before they can be germinated. The government is trying very hard at this time to make it so that if you want to grow a garden you have to have a license to do this. That is what they are trying to control. How many people have you heard are growing a garden? But are they not crying about the high cost of it? You see today, if you try to grow a garden and you say I can grow my own garden and have to have enriched soil to do this. I have to use non -organic sprays to keep the pestilence down and that costs money. Maybe you have three tomato plants and from it you gather forth thirty six fruit. Then you add up how much it cost thee to grow your own vegetables in your garden. You say you can purchase them cheaper in the store. That is what they are banking upon, Understand? This is why they are thinking to put a taxation upon people growing their own food and that is a Bill that is being formulated now to bring for the government. It is a hush-hush thing.”

Karita: “ Well that will not go over very well. There are many people who want to grow their own food so they know what is in it., what they are eating. They do not have pesticides in them.”

Ashlem: “ But they are already trying to ban Organic Farming. If you have a license to farm, then you must use their chemical pesticides & fertilizers made of oil products. To keep the Oil Industry going, because they see that the Oil Industry is going to be depleted badly. So these great people who have their money invested in the Oil Industry are going to start losing it. When they can find a new place for that oil to be purchased for a different purpose, like fertilizers, so they want to make a law that you can only buy chemical fertilizers”

Karita: “ Well I have been using my leftover food or food that spoils before I can eat it and I put that in there.”

Ashlem: “ Already they are trying to put a ban against even that. They are trying to do things that are out of your mind at this Time of Being for the purpose to control Mankind and the Economy.(things you cannot imagine)

Karita: “ Who is doing this?”

Ashlem: “ It is part of the FDA, for a bigger control of the substance of Farming. You have your farmers that want to grow Organic Foods which is cheaper for them to grow than to use chemical fertilizers. The great farmers with great fields for farming use thousands of thousands of gallons of fertilizers costing great amounts of monies. If their crops fail, they lose, so they want to be sure that their crops are not going to fail by using the chemical fertilizers. They don’t care if it contaminates people. Into Mexico and Canada, Some places are using human waste for fertilizers, reprocessing it. This is causing Salmonella. But the Salmonella is supposed to be irradiated before it comes across the Border. Sometimes the irradiation does not affect the Salmonella and it comes across.”

Karita: “It looks like the world is in a terrible chaotic state and getting worse. What can people do about it?”

Ashlem: “ One wheel squeaking doesn’t make much noise, but if all the wheels are squeaking, then the oil is brought forth.”

Karita: “ I know and I understand. Recently I had a dream about a man playing the piano and singing and I was singing with him. The song was about “Step right up folks and put your money down here.” There was beautiful scenery with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. I really enjoyed that snow white cloud scene. Who was this man and what was he showing me?”

Ashlem: “The Spirit of selling and buying. It has nothing to do with music. It has to do with the Material Plane of Earth. The song said, " Put a nickel upon the drum and come along. Do thee remember it?”

Karita: “No. It must be an old song. My deceased cousin Margie has been coming and showing me things in my sleep. We were trying to get thru some small square holes to go upstairs and some people were going thru them, (like being sucked thru) but I couldn’t get in them. I did not fit.” (Windows to Heaven) I went up the stairs.

Ashlem: “ Because you are not ready to go into it yet. You are not ready are you?”

Karita: “No. Not yet. I have to do my work. My cousin came again and told me that I need to look differently at Life. As a drinker. A drinker of more water. Maybe she’s trying to tell me to look ahead at more positive things.”

Ashlem: “ Does not a squirrel run up and down an oak tree gathering nuts to store for the winters ahead?”

Karita: “ Yes. Why is it that in my dreams, I am with a lot of people and then they all go a different way?” (I go separately)

(To be Continued)

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