Note: Those of us who have known Ashlem of The Brotherhood of Light for many years have received word that he will no longer be giving us events of the years ahead on New Year’s Eve. We are graciously thankful for the time, the information, and his energy that he has shared with us as he guided us on our pathways. We wish to convey to the Brotherhood of Light and Ashlem, our deep gratitude and mostly our Love for the opportunities and guidance presented to us during this Time Frame of Earth. Until we meet again… Adonai !


The Year 2010
New Year’s Eve - 12.31.2009

Ashlem: “I ask God if He will place His Light around all the people in this Chapel and myself that only God’s Truth and Love will exist between all the people in this chapel and myself. I ask Master Ashlem if he will come forth and digress for these people that information that will be valuable for us to know in the coming Year of Two Thousand and Ten (2010). We stand in the Light of Truth and Purity always of the Light in Oneness of Grace. I ask this in Peace and Love. (Pause)

I see a beautiful violet Light. It is emanating from a pinpoint of violet light; expanding in the center of the picture. Now a pinpoint of Golden Light appears in the center of it and it begins to expand. Out of the center of the Golden Light a Pink Light appears and now the Pink Light expands, and out of its center a Green Light appears, and now Orange, Red, Magenta. Colors of the rainbow, coming from the center out in beautiful rainbow rays of Light. It forms a tunnel of Light. I have been here many times before. I stand in the Love of this tunnel. I step into the Light. The tunnel becomes like a wormhole of Light. Cannot see the end. Now I am moving thru these Light Beams; very fast. I can feel it. Now the colors are blending together in beautiful streaks of Rainbows of Light as we go here and there. At the end of the Tunnel, I see the magnificent White Light of The Christ. I enter that Light; leave that conveyance. I am standing in a place I have been many, many times. The Golden Hall of Wisdom and Knowledge.

I describe it as esthetical. I can see the walls and everything is circular. I look at the floor. I know there is a floor there, but can see thru it. I look to the sky. There is a ceiling, and I can see thru it. On the wall, there are pictures. Paintings like, everywhere I look. I have been here before. In the center of this very large room, there is a Crystal Pedestal. It stands above the floor about three foot high. It is pure, clear crystal. There is a pedestal on top of it. It contains a very large thick Book with golden edges. The Book is closed.

On the cover, the words come forth in English. ‘The Golden Book of Knowledge.’ It is ‘The Book of Life.’ One may open it and stand before it, no matter what language they live in or speak in. They will see the writings ‘in their language and their names written.’ I have stood before this Book and looked at it.

Now appearing before that Book is a beautiful Golden Flame. A Flame like a candle flame that flickers only at the top. The Light is very bright and very fulfilling as it grows in size and intensity. It softens and diminishes. Ashlem is standing in that beautiful Golden Light. Ashlem is wearing a beautiful white robe. Around his waist is a rainbow sash. Ashlem always has a beautiful smile on his face and his eyes twinkle and the flame goes out. Ashlem stands over this Book, bowing his head in Meditation, hands in front of his face like in prayer.

Spirit is entering the room. Angels are appearing. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron, Angels of The Realm, appearing. The Blessed Virgin Mary who has come so often, appears. Holy People from everywhere are appearing in this Great Room of Light.

Now entering and appearing are the Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light that always come to show themselves. Ashtar and Monka, Voltar, Korton, Hitar, Krosheena, Serena, Stephanie, Leona. Many other names I don’t know. They have come to stand in audience as they have for so many years. It is filled. Now angels appear. Cherubs. It is beautiful. Such a magnificent feeling. Ashlem turns to myself. I feel diminished. He puts his hand over the Book without touching it. The Book opens. Pages whizzing by. They stop. Big letters.

Ashlem turns the page. The letters say,
He turns the page again.

Ashlem bows his head and wishes to speak through. I give my permission.

“I AM Ashlem; known as Golden Image; I say to thee all ‘Hail’ of this Period of Time of Light. Welcome to the Realms of Creation of this experience that you may know of the Of ‘The Greater Being Within’. We gather here again of this Time in this Great Hall that you may know and understand ‘what is the purposes of Life’. So many years that I have come before, to teach the People here upon Earth. Some have opened their ears, but not their heart. Some have opened their mind, but not their heart. But I say to thee, they who bring the Greater Oneness unto their self shall find the Glory of The Father Within and the Glory of God, The Creative Forces of all Experiences of this Time. But I have been asked that I may speak upon the coming year Twenty Ten (2,010). I will speak also on Twenty Eleven (2,011) and Twenty Twelve (2,012) so that each of thee will know, as it is written.

Many have said at this Time of Being: “World must come to an end, because the Mayan Calendar has not created any more.”

Why did the Mayans end their calendar in the Year called Twenty Twelve (2,1012)? Is it really Twenty Twelve (2,012) coming forth or is it a number of their imagination? Verily I say unto thee and you need to remember to know of this: EARTH WILL NEVER END!

There will be changes; but Earth will never end. It shall go on in its vibration. I’m trying to put forth some categories that people may understand... believe I, Ashlem, when I say I do not speak of Negativity. It is the World of Earth that is negative. Now at this Period of Time of Life, it is 73% (seventy three percent negative.) The world as a whole. We are speaking of Earth, my friends. This is an alarming fact to The Brotherhood of Light who have served Humankind for millions of years here upon Earth! Yet People do not understand or believe. It is alright. That is your right to do so. But we understand here of this Time of Being of Light. The Year Twenty Ten (2,010) at hand, begins in the morrow. But as I have said, ‘tomorrow never comes because there is tomorrow after tomorrow. But that is a parable of understanding.

We are speaking of this Period of Time of Life for what is to come forth, and that is The Experiences of Creation. People are worried today about their Economy. I have said to many people through their private readings, ‘Do not worry about what the Economy is coming. ’ Those who are invested into The Stock Market as their Life Fortune is tied up are worried to lose it. The beginning of this year of the time of the elections the President of the United States...we are going to speak about the United States...that is where everyone is from here to understand of it, but the World will follow also, the understanding of these things.

We wanted and promoted the attitude of Mrs. Clinton to become President of The United States because we wanted ‘the Feminine Effect’ to start NOW in the year 2009, to come forth at that Time of Being. Then the Feminine Energy is not Femininity my friends. It is Peace, Security and Loving. That is what the Energy is, so we call it a Feminine Energy.

But we are pleased that Mr. Obama has come forth and put his hat in the ring, because it solves many world problems, not just in America. And at this Time, he is doing what he thinks is right for this country and yet everyone sits and thinks , ‘but is he doing right for us? Let I say to thee:‘ You are still eating, you are still living, you are still breathing, you have a roof over your head, some do not, but most people do. He is trying to bolster the Economy of America, for the NOW. The trouble is... the Political Machine coming forth at this Time of Being are saying: ’What about the Future? What is going to happen in the Future?’ That is what we are here to speak about. What is going to happen in the Future?

We praise him for him coming forth with the wisdom and knowledge that he has with many things that he had to overcome mentally, physically, spiritually, race-wise. He is doing that job. But The Brotherhood of Light has taken him recently at hand, speaking to him. He understands what the problems are. The Brotherhood of Light will help with these problems coming forth. But we will not interfere with the Freedom of Choice of Mankind upon the Earth again. Do you understand of this? We will not dictate to anyone how to run this country or any other country. We are here to serve Mankind.

Upon your Political Scene, there shall be some more corruption. More things taking place. People angry, shaking their fist at each other, telling falsehoods about each other. That will be seen in time as falsehoods. Mr. Obama will be put underneath what you call ‘magnifying glass’. There will be some disruption in the year twenty ten. (2,010) But we are pleased with his progress as the Brotherhood of Light and the Spiritual at this Time of Being.

It is a great task for the leader of a country that leads the world at this Time of Being, for the whole world looks upon America to say ‘What is to happen here in America? What is to become of us? ‘ That is the words. It is up to thee, my friends! If you do not spend your hard earned money to continue the source coming forth, there will be a Great Depression! If you continue to spend wisely, of course, there will be no Depression. If America goes into a repressive state of greatness as it was in what you call the ‘20’s - ‘29’s, would not the whole world will fall into a depressive state? And that is how the Economy of the World is put together in this Time of Being. The Brothers know this. The Brotherhood of Light knows this and are standing back and watching. I say to thee: The belief that we have is that everything will turn around and come back again, IF people believe in their self and their Government and continue life as you have lived with greater Peace and Love.

The Stock Market will make a slide and it will continue to rise and fall and rise and fall, as I have said to many people of this Time. Show wisdom in your choices is what I can say to people at this Time of Being. It may crash, I do not know. But it will not be because of The Brotherhood, nor will it be because of Mr. Obama. It will be because of the GREEDINESS of Mankind that has come forth. That is what has caused all of this turmoil to begin with, in the Political Regime and the Financial Regime of Earth upon this Time of Being. Man’s Greed! It had to come to a head sooner or later as it has come now. But America will rise above it! Because America was sent here for the purpose to lead the World to a higher degree of Life.

WAR! I have said to thee and The Brotherhood of Light has said to thee many times: “There should not be a war in Iraq at this Time of Being, but the cause was Righteousness. But the Cause came forth to us because of a Political Regime you are well aware of, who wanted to do something to put this world into a Chaos. Mr. Obama will draw the Troops out of Iraq. We are hoping it will not be too soon. If it is too soon, Iran will invade Iraq. Other nations also will aid in that passion. America will not be able to defend them because their Military has already been depleted greatly.

Into Afghanistan, they are working now into a war of terrorism as they call of it. They will conquer Al Quaida. They will put them down so badly that it will take them many, many, many years to rebuild their regime again. The Brotherhood would not let that occur again. There will be Peace in Time yet to come, my friends. Understand of it. In the year 2,011, twenty eleven, you will see this Peace taking place. The Time of Twenty Twelve, (2,012), the Peace will be everywhere, provided that Spark of Life has begun, now, this year. Love, understanding your brothers.

People ask I, Ashlem, ‘But when is the Rapture going to happen?’ I say to them: “I may not know when it is going to happen, but I believe it is going to happen, but I do not know when it is going to happen. But I am going to say to thee, it will happen! What is the Rapture? It is the rising up of they who are worthy to live in the 7th Day (Seventh Day) yet to come. Who is to judge this? You are the judge! The Brotherhood of Light, when it is time to begin of this, to save Mankind in a certain way... they will have their vehicles you call Mother Ships already outside in your Atmosphere in their own Dimension of Light. They will descend upon Earth in the twinkling of an eye in what you call ‘the clouds’. It is written in your Book.

They who are filled with Universal, Impersonal Love, a certain Vibration of Light, of Thought Creation... by that Thought Creation within their Being, they shall be lifted. They who do not have Universal, Impersonal Love within their Being, will be left behind! It is that simple! They who are lifted will be held into a suspended state of Unconsciousness as you call of it. You will not know anything about movement of Time nor Space. Then in a twinkling of an eye, you will be changed into the age of approximately twenty six (26) to twenty eight (28) years old. No matter how old you are now, it does not matter. You will be reverted back to a Vibration of Light of eons of Time ago. You will be Peace and Love. You will be placed upon Earth again in the Seventh Day. (7th Day). A higher Vibration of Life where there will be only Peace and Love upon Earth. It has been written a long time ago. It is about to come to pass of this Time of Being. So it is not the Brotherhood who is going to choose who it is. It is thee. Occupants. Humans upon Earth. It is so important to begin to love your brother, your neighbor. Love everyone upon Earth Universally, Impersonally.

Care about them, That is what Universal, Impersonal Love is. It is ‘sharing and caring.’ Let this fill your heart and become a habit of your Life. Then you will not have to worry about being lifted during the Rapture. You will be taken. They who remain behind will have to suffer the Pole Shift that will come forth upon Earth in Time. There will be one thousand years (1,000 yrs.) of Peace upon Earth in the High Vibration of Light. There will be no Death. There will be no Birthing. There will only be Love and Peace and Happiness.

You will not have to toil for your Life, for the Garden shall grow greatly and you will merely go forth and pick the ‘Fruit of Life’ and eat of it, and it will replenish itself, for Love will be abounding everywhere as it was in the First and Second Day of Creation upon Earth. That which you do not understand yet, but you have heard and seen it in your Fables. And it shall be a Utopia again, for that is why for the last three decades of Time, I have been saying to People, ‘Learn to Love. Learn what Love is! A vibration of Creation... Without Love, there is no Creation. And I say many, many times. “Love is what holds everything together. “

The walls of this beautiful Church are held together by Love. The walls of your beautiful home are held by Love. For each molecule, atom is held together by the Cohesive Force of Attraction. It started all Creation and it continues to create. It is the Seat of God that one must understand of this Time of Being.

In the year twenty ten, (2,010) there is going to be some more toil. I said to People for the last 30 years, learn how to store food. Learn how to grow food. In case you have to do it yourself. Some have listened, but most have not. It is alright. It is your choice. I do not belittle them. I merely say, it is up to each of thee to understand of this. Some have taken the word that I have said many, many years ago and have already stored what they need. It is a beginning.

Man must store in his heart that Love we have been speaking of. That is the greatest storage you may do of this Time of Being. There is going to be some turmoil in the year two thousand ten, (2,010), but you will survive it. The Banking Industry coming forth... Many have prophesied different things. Some have come to pass, others have not, but yet are they dead or are they still to come? It remains to be seen.

World Bank. There are factions working toward a World Banking System, where your monies will be controlled by a single World Bank. I am not going to say that is good, I am not going to say that is bad, but what I am saying to thee is ‘Where is your mind?” Where are your finances? Are you ready to receive such a thing? It has been said that coming forth at the End of Time, Man shall put the ‘Mark of The Beast upon his forehead.” Six, Six, Six (666). The number of the Beast of Brussels.

The Beast was a great computer. In the olden days, it took, ten, what you call city blocks. Today, it only occupies one city block, but it contains all the names and all the Wisdom's of Life into its computers. It is still called “The Beast.” It’s number is 666. And it is written into your Holy Book and stated that : ’They who take upon them, the number of 666, shall align themselves with the Anti-Christ. And you think the Anti-Christ is a Man who comes forth to rule the country and  to rule the world. But you see they have a crisis  already began out of Man’s Negativity. So the AntiChrist is Man’s Negative Life,  is it not so?  It is why I have said to thee, at this Time of Being, The Brotherhood of Light has calculated that the world is 73% Negative as a whole. That means, if it was 50/50, it would be a in a total balance would it not?  So 73% is a great imbalance.  It is going to be come stronger yet coming forth  as we can see of this happening into what you call the future. But you can change that around...when THEE HAVE TO do nothing but LOVE EACH OTHER and CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER , HELP EACH OTHER.  We have seen this struggle into many places. 



One would say, ”Why should I help this person? It is he who caused his stupidity where he lost his home, and he is out in the street and is hungry. That is called selfishness, my friends. If you have a morsel that you may give this person, and they feel humble for it and they thank thee from their heart for it, that is Universal, Impersonal Love.  You don’t have to be a millionaire or give away your fortune, but the attitude is to say who you are, what you are. That is what is going to happen. In the year two thousand and ten, (2,010), the strife will   increase.. Are you going to help?

As I have said before, the war will continue, but it will be brought back the Troops, maybe too soon.  If it is too soon, they who have died for their country, for their purpose and for their reason, may have died in vain. But there is going to be another Dictatorship. Let us look upon the ATOMIC SITUATION of  Earth.  It is called ‘Armageddon.’  We are worried that it may come forth soon. What will it be triggered by?  You see, the Arab Nations have been making secret pacts and treaties among themselves at this Time of Being. Understanding that it should be done for them to survive what is to come forth. There are countries who say, ‘We want the Nuclear Power, so we can make bombs and we can safeguard our own country and if we want to, we can sell it to other countries,” and that is what is going to happen. They will begin Armageddon.  A country who has the Nuclear Weapons will sell it to a third world country and also sell them the plans how to make Intercontinental Missiles that will hold those Nuclear weapons, and that country will fire it upon Israel. And we have a pact with Israel and the United States and Israel together. America will then have to fight and defend Israel.  Do thee think our supply in America is depleted of Nuclear weapons? Nay I say unto thee.  They only have taken a few thousand of them away, but there are many more thousands yet to have. Will that start Armageddon?  It is believed to be so. for Israel has Nuclear weapons also.  And they can launch them right at that country and their country will! The Arab Nations will come forth to defend the Arab Nations with their Nuclear weapons.

You are going to have one big war! Very quick and very devastating!  More than any other war in the history of Mankind.  As it is written in your Holy Book,  two thirds (2/3) of the population will perish. Maybe more. Armageddon could be taken by Man’s stupidity. We are not saying that it is going to happen, we are saying that it is possible that it could happen, closer to the year twenty eleven, (2,011).  Now we will continue on...


And we continue on…  Now the Brotherhood of Light, as so many are interested into and associated their self with through their understanding.

And many people are what they call ‘channeling’ Space Brothers. It is alright to do this, do not misunderstand I, Ashlem, but if they speak about negative entities who want to control the world and stuff like that, they are not channeling the Brotherhood of Light. You see, they have been upon Earth and have been into this Quadrant and Region before Earth was even created!  They have been serving Human Kind. They are still serving throughout the Cosmos. Everyone who is sitting here at this time, has at one time or another, has served  The Brotherhood of Light into a Dimension of Light of another Lifetime. You do not recall it. And they who are seeking forth to find The Brotherhood know within their own self that it is so that they have been there..

The Brotherhood of Light is going to start showing their self again greatly, because you see, people are beginning to believe their existence. At one time when they came forth, they taught the Mankind  who lived in caves; taught them how to make fire, taught them how to survive, taught them how to make tools that they may survive. They did not teach them to kill each other. That they found out on their own out of their own greed.  Now, they had to leave but they are returning at the End of this Day that is called ‘The Sixth Day’.  It is written into your Holy Books that ‘God created the Heavens and the Earth in Six Days and on the Seventh Day He rested.’  And each Day is a Lifetime Event. An Event on Earth that began and ended with a POLE SHIFT. The Scientists are already finding this out. They are re-living their confusions in their discoveries. Truly, the Bible says so and it is correct.  But the Bible’s Prophecy has come to pass. You should read it.  Only a fool would say it was not so.

They are looking for what is happening in 2010, two thousand ten. If you love your neighbor equally to your self equally to him, ‘The Old Golden Rule’ ye call of it, and you bring it into your heart and make it your way of life, you will see that energy will bring forth a greater Oneness to yourself even thru the Material Plane. And they who do God’s work, as it is said, shall have pressed upon them, all they need, to do His works, not all they desire.

It is written so many times and so many places in so many languages.  It is coming forth a Greater Awareness.  As I have said, ‘The Brotherhood of Light is going to show their self so Mankind can see... they are here in Peace.  The average person will be able to look up into the sky and say, “Oh! I see a space ship! Welcome Home brothers!”, and be at Peace in their heart.  That is going to be known, the Brothers will show themselves in time.  It is written in your book, ‘He who came last, they call Him ‘Jesus of The Christ’.  Christ means ‘anointed with White Light’, taken from the Greek word ‘Christos’. which means ‘anointed with Light.’Light is the CREATIVE FORCELight is that Existence that ALL came from of this Time of Being.  Then when they know of this, then the Brotherhood of Light can manipulate those Vibrations of Light  and enter into their Dimensions of Time and Space.  That is how they travel because they can do this mechanically…. because they can do this mechanically. Their minds are high above what you  have of your greatest Wisdom. Have given to Mankind many things, and some of them Man had turned into weapons against each other.  It is why The Brotherhood of Light sits back now, holding back.


In the year 2000, they put nine space ships between Jupiter, your largest planet, and the Sun.  They turned on a Force Ray and Beam that lessened the pull of Jupiter upon the face of the Sun, therefore stopping the birthing of another Planet that is called Vulcan.  It is in the Cradle Orbit, worthy of a Planet.  Your Scientists have seen it. There is no life upon it, but there will be in Time. Your Scientists have discovered recently, that not many people know about it, another Planet into your System. ‘Just like Earth’ they said.  ‘Just like Earth.’  Does that mean that Planet and the people upon that planet are negative of Earth, or are they better than Earth with Peace and Love in their Being?  There are many thousands of planets ‘just like Earth’ throughout the Cosmos.

There are Scientists that are starting to prove this. It is good for them to do these things for Mankind.  But they can do this with Love and Dignity instead of Hatred and Discontent, can they not?  Can they not find a better way to be of Life at these Times of Being?  Think about this what I say?  Entering into this New Era of Time, another year as it is called.  Twelve months.  The Cycles of Life continue.  You will start a new life.  You will struggle a little bit, but you will overcome this if you have Positive thinking.  You will overcome this if you put forth Universal Love into yourself including others around thee. That is the secret.  And ... America will survive.  There will be changes into the Government. Do not believe everything you hear about Mr. Obama.  His heart is pure.  If it was not so, we would not have allowed him to become President. It will go on and on my friends. 

The World is looking at America.  The World is looking at Mankind. The World is looking for greater things to come forth.  The Brotherhood is standing back and waiting for Man to make up his mind.  Yes, there will be landings of the Brotherhood.  (Benevolent Space People) There will not be what you call ‘abductions.’ They will be ‘re-calling’  their Brothers on Earth who walk among thee at this Time of Being to help thee; and more shall come forth.  You will not know them all.   And they shall aid with Love and Dignity and they whom thee call ‘The Doves of Peace’, ‘The Peacemakers’ shall rise forth at this Time of Being and become stronger in the year 2010. 


They will rise up. If all this comes to pass, with Dignity and Love, The Brotherhood of Light will put their thousands of what you call ‘Mother Ships’ around the Earth as they did at the Time of The Birthing of The Blessed One you call ‘Jesus’. They will light the sky with beams  and you will see ‘The Second Coming of The Christ’.  And that is what Jesus said, “I shall come again in the Light.”  But He is not going to come  in the flesh.  He is going to come in the heart of they who believe in Him.  And so will Mohammed, Krishna, and all the Avatars will come also in the same way to they who believe into them. And that is their right to believe unto them, for they have their place upon Earth to do many things of this Time of Being for that Light to come within.  That is why the Mayan Calendar ended in what you call ‘the year 2012’ because there is going to be an Era of Time coming forth that will shine The Christ upon all and they will know The Brotherhood.  And they will know that The Brotherhood is not here to slay them and take over their World and their worldly goods.

They don’t need those things. They come here to show Love, Peace, and Happiness.  And to the negative minds that feels of these negative things that has happened to other people, they are fables. We do not ask thee to worship the Brotherhood of Light, because they left when Man began falling upon their face and worshipping them. They said, “Nay!  This is not what we have come here for!  We come to teach these peoples of The Greater Light within their Being.We are not the Gods that they call of us.”  So they left! But they are returning because Man has more Intelligence now.

Understand.  There is things beyond your imagination!  There is other lives into other Beings of  Time of Being of Light.   This is what the Spirit of Life is upon Earth.  There shall be a Health Plan come forth upon Earth in 2010.  It will not always be accepted by every person. There will be the normal  abuse that Man’s negativity will use upon it, but it will be something that the average man can live his life to become more healthy.  That is the situation.

In the year 2011, this will be magnified with great oneness and understanding of Mankind and many diseases will be wiped out!  You see there is care and concern.  One of your greatest cures of this Time is at hand!  They already have the cure.  But Man’s greed will not put it out.  How many thousands of Doctors will go broke if they could not cure Cancer or work upon it or the symptoms of Cancer when they can change the whole thing?  The Cure only costs fifteen cents. (.15)  You understand what I speak.  So what is reality of Health understanding?  Depends upon the man of this Time of Being and their Light.

Yes, there are factions in your Government that are working hard to stop thee from even growing plants in your back yard; trying to keep thee from growing foods or herbs that would heal thee.  Many people do not know and understand this that there are options that man is putting forth that will become Law, if allowed.  That is why I say to people who are interested in healing and working with healing, to “never prescribe herbs for anyone.”  You may say to them, “If I had your disease, or your illness, I would use this herb or that herb and this herb and I would use these herbs in this mannerism.”  It is up to thee to understand of this Life of this Time of Grace and Understanding.


You see, Earth is a beautiful Planet.  It has been saved by The Brothers of Light many, many Times.  It did five Pole Shifts before the Story of Adam and Eve began  in what you call ‘The Garden of Eden.’  It was The Brotherhood who  regenerated The Garden of Eden, that Mankind of Earth could live within it.

And it is so. It has happened; and here we are now again, in negative turmoil caused by negative thinking.  Your thought are things, my friends. I have said so many years…”Change your thoughts and you will change your Life!” If you change your thoughts to Purity of Love and Peace and keep it from your heart going forth, you will change your whole Life.  Sometimes overnight. Others may take a little while.  If you change your mind to Negativity, you will reap that harvest also. You’ll reap the harvest of negativity, for your thoughts are things!  It is simple!

Stop worrying about what tomorrow is going to be. Make tomorrow what it should be, a Day of Love and Peace and Happiness, then when the sun comes up, you will know it is another day.  A Day that you may Love and Understand each other.  That is The Secret of Life.  It is not going to end my friends. It is just the Beginning of a New Era of Life for Mankind upon Earth.  That which the Brotherhood has been looking forward to for a long, long, long time, beyond your imagination of Time.  If you should see a Space Craft, as you call of it, landing, do not fall upon your face and worship them.  Stand high with a smile upon your face and greet them as a friend, for they are a friend.  That is to come, in the Year 2011.  We have said we wanted the Feminine Energy to be upon Earth for the next three years.  An Energy of Peace, Love, and Happiness and Understanding.  That is the true being of the Feminine Energy.   It is called "Positive Thinking”Then let us think positive energy into this direction of Life.

Follow that Beam of Light that you call  ‘The Rainbow’.  The Angels are singing your praises at this Moment of Time; as The Golden Hall here is filled with The Holy Ones, who spend their Time serving Mankind.  Are you going to spend your time serving Mankind  to the highest which is the Love and Peace?  That is The Message to bring to all.  So I say to each of thee, it is not a prophecy that I speak of.  It is a happening that is coming to Earth that is coming to pass.  Only thee individually and as a whole can do this.  Only thee can start that Seed of Love and Peace.  Let it spread outwardly from your Being and your walk of Life.


 Let this recording go out to many who can share it and they who have this recording that will be produced, I say to thee...Let each of thee make ten (10) copies and give them to (ten) 10 friends that they may understand what is mentioned of this Day that is so important. It is why I have said, “I bring forth the next three years to thee, and that is the happening.” In the year 2,012 it shall come to pass.  Earth will continue to be in Existence, but  it will be a different Attitude.  The Christ will come once again in a Great Ray of Light that comes from the skies above as it did in His Birthing, The Last Avatar upon Earth.

And many shall fall upon their face and cry that God is going to take them.  “What fools us mortals be”, as it was said.  Then not fall upon your face, but stand forth and see The Light and understand:  The God Force is Creation; One with thee.  And you shall know of a greater Life.  And the Earth will do its Pole Shift.  Maybe not in the year 2,012, or the year 2,011, or not even in the year 2,010.  But it will in Time, do its Pole Shift.  And The New Earth shall be born and The Seventh Day shall take place.  Are you going to worry about it?  Nay! For there is nothing that you can do at that Time, if you have not already done it of Love and Peace.  If you give forth Love and Peace, we may stop The Pole Shift, but I doubt it.  These words I speak sometimes fall upon deaf ears.

I am merely a Spirit, but my message is clear to theeRise forth into Love and understanding of Mankind of this Existence that you may know of your Greater Self Within.  That is The Law of Creation.  That is what it is all about.  We do not expect to perform Miracles for thee. As I have often said to my ‘clientele’; “There are no Miracles, but the Greatest Miracle lies within thee.  The Miracle of Love, Understanding of each other.  Seeing that your fellow man has the ability  and the Knowledge if he seeks it.” I say often to the Teachers, “Go forth and teach.  If the people ask for thee something, give them a little bit.  If they ask for more, give them a little bit more. If they ask not, give not.  It is the Word and the Rule, for they will seek The Higher Consciousness also, in Time.  But in Space, in Spirit, there is no such thing as Time. It is a Man-made measurement.

Understand of this Creation at this Time of Being of The Light of Being.


Everything you see, including yourself, is made up of Light.  I said Light… L -I -G- H- T.  Thirty some years ago, I could not even spell that.  But understand, where it is at this Time of Being. Where is your Avatar?  Where is your Holy One?  Can you bring the Holy One Out to find Disease?  Yes there will be cures of Diseases. But there will be more Diseases than there will be more cures coming forth because of Man’s negativity, if Man thinks negative. If he thinks more Positive, those (negative) energies will be dissipated by their own Positive thinking.

If you are ill, only thee caused the illness when you say ‘Poor me. I am hurting so badly.”  I say to thee, “Thought is The Creative Force.  If you want to heal, change your thoughts.”  You can do the healing.  That’s why when Jesus walked upon the Earth, He said, “All these things I do, you may do, and even more than I you may do, but to be in The Father.  The Father is the Seat of Creation. The Father, Giver of All Life, Father of Creation. Love yourself as you love others equally.”    Let that Love be strong and outstanding.  Then you will find that illness will go away. And Cancer, you can cure with thought, but you have to believe in it strongly.  If you believe in it strongly that you have that Power, you have that power.  It shall come to pass. If you doubt it, you have destroyed the thought.  This is what life is about.  We are a small community here of people, but these words will be heard around the world, in that Time to come. 

You are The Messenger.  Then  you go forth in Peace to give this message to people of  Love and Understanding.  It is up to thee.  It is why you have assembled in this beautiful Chapel upon this Holy ground, that it may come to pass of your Being.  It does not matter whether you believe into Catholicism, whether you are Judas or whatever you might believe into your Religion, it does not make any difference; as long as you believe it is the Truth of your Being. Then make it you Truth of your Being for every Religion upon Earth talks about Love and Peace.  Every Religion!  But there are factors into these Religions who talk of negativity and that their Religion is the best of all.  But the Religion is in the heart and the Joy of Mankind.  That is the Message to the World.

Stand forth into The Light to know who you are of that Experiences of Time!  It is so of this Experience, that this eve, throw away the negativity, that  after tomorrow, which is tomorrow, after you call the Time of Midnight, is tomorrow. A new energy becomes, and you are The Messenger, and you are The Light and you are the Peace.  And each of thee know, of this Peace within thee, to bring it forth, to find that which is necessary.  The Angels of Earth sing your praises.  Listen to their voices.  Understand of it.  Let it be heard at this Time.


I will not speak any more into the New Years coming forth.  This is my Last Message To The World.  I will talk individually to they who summon I forth and I summon they, but it has been said so many times, of what I spoke of this Eve.  Are you going to listen to it, to your Greater Self?  Are you going to find The Peace that we have been speaking of?

Let The Vibration of Light begin.  That is the important thing about it.  It comes from your heart, that is pumping the blood thru your body to keep thee alive in this Vibration of the Lower Density of The Third  Dimension of Light in The Third Orbit of Earth.  That is your Ascension of this Time of Being.
Shine that Light brightly that it shall be known.  Love your neighbor with Joy and Happiness.  With Truth of Knowing.  That is the Word.

I believe I am about to run out of time.  Let us do the AUM.  As we began, let it end.  Please, if you will….”  (Together, the people  sing The AUM)


Ashlem speaks in the Tibetan Language, then in English: I say: “Let this Vibration continue forever!”   Once more.


Ashlem speaks in Tibetan again.  Then in English: I have said “ Let this Vibration enter every cell of every person here, that it goes forth greater and stronger, The Sound of Creation.”  Once again.


Ashlem:  “Let the Light shine in the heart of all.  I wish each of thee, at this Moment of Time, may image in your mind, a beautiful White Rose.  Let the White Rose be your symbol of Peace and Love.  See that symbol of Peace and Love.  See it brightly.  Now repeat after I, Ashlem, ‘I and thee Father are One.  I stand forth into The Light of The Christ! For I am Light... I am Light... I AM That Light!’   (people repeat each line of prayer after Ashlem)

“Peace Be Unto Thee.  I take my leave.”   


Bob:  “Thank you Ashlem. I thank the Lords of The Light of Peace and Grace.  Thank you for coming forth and digressing for these people that Knowledge which we need in this Lifetime.  Let The Light always shine. I am with you always in Peace and Love. Amen.”

A Note:

Remember... This is the Spirit of Ashlem’s last Message to the World that has been done every New Year’s Eve for decades.  Treasure it and pay attention to what is being said.  Life is changing for everyone.  SHARE this message with everyone you know if you care about them.  Either copy it and send it out or read it to them or play the tape for them. Tell them they can find it on my web sites at

Love & Blessings,

Karita Lourene   (Rene)

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