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(This Message comes from above the Fifth Plane of Existence from the Tibetan Master Ashlem before a Gathering of People on New Year's Eve)

I ask God if He will place His Light around all the People and myself, that only Truth and Love will exist between all the People and myself.  I ask my Master Teacher and Guide Ashlem, if he will give information to all for the year 2009.  We stand in the Truth of God and we ask this in Peace and Love.  

A beautiful Golden Light appears and now changes to violet, which changes to pink and then magenta.  The colors of the rainbow are coming forth forming a beautiful rainbow tunnel of color.  How beautiful it is !  I AM being drawn thru it and at the end of this rainbow tunnel a beautiful brilliant white Light appears.  As I enter the white Light into this beautiful mist, it seems to permeate everything, everywhere.  I have been here many times before.  As the mist dissipates, we are in a beautiful room, a magnificent white circular room.  It is called The Great Golden Hall of Wisdom and Knowledge; a magnificent place of Understanding and Learning Experiences. 
As I look upon the walls, there are pictures.  The walls are round.  As I look at the ceiling, I can see the stars.  I look to the floor.  I see the stars and yet I know there is a ceiling and there is a floor that one can walk upon.  As we stand in the center of this beautiful room, there is a white alabaster circular pedestal.  The pedestal stands high with a great large book upon it.  The book is edged in gold.  How beautiful !  It is the beautiful Book of Life. 
Now on that pedestal appears a Golden Flame.  A flame like a candle that flickers only at the top.  The Light is very bright and very fulfilling as it grows in size and intensity and as always, Ashlem is standing in that flame.  Ashlem is wearing his beautiful White Robe of Simplicity, expressing that everything in Life become more simplified.  Ashlem has a beautiful smile on his face and his eyes twinkle and the flame goes out.  He is standing, bowing his head like in prayer. 
Descending from above and appearing from out of nowhere, are entities; people, spirits.  All of the Avatars are appearing here, standing around the walls.  They are The Brotherhood of Light;  Ashtar, Monka, Voltar, Korton, Sentauri, and many of The Brothers and Sisters of The Light are appearing also among them; as this is an annual ritual coming forth at this Time.  The Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared, holding the hand of Quan Yin as they come together at this Time of Being.  And Jesus appears and  Mohammed.  All of the Avatars of Being come forth. The Light becomes brighter.  Ashlem ends his Meditation. I step toward him.  Ashlem sits in a Lotus position in front of that Bright, Big Book.  He waves his hand and the Book opens.  Great numbers appear. They are 2-0-0-9. He puts his hands over the top of the Book and he bows his head and wishes to speak through.   I give my permission.  
"I AM Ashlem, known as 'Golden Image'. I say to thee 'Hail.'  It has been a long time since we have spoken together at these Periods of Time of Life.  To come forth at this Time is very important upon Earth, as Robert has asked I to speak upon this coming New Year and what is to take place.  But only a fool would prophesize anything at this Time of Being, for there are many different variables that  will take place all coming upon the Earth Plane.  It is a Great Moment of Time here upon Earth of this Time coming forth; a New Era of Existence coming at this Time of Being.  Remember, two thousand and the simplicity of the Triunity of nine has come forth at this Time, and pay attention to it!  As you have seen into your country at this Time, that things are going very, very bad of this Time of Being as far as Economy is concerned.  It was all pre-destined and pre-planned by many, many peoples who control the country of this Time with their great amounts of monies and so forth.
I have said over two decades ago for people to begin to save food, learn how to grow food, and be one with the Earth of the Time of Being, that they may find that they will have to do of these things of the Earth Plane...soon to come forth.  It is now coming to pass rapidly, and that is the sad thing that I would  say of this evening at this Time of Being to know of what is happening upon this Earth Plane.  You are totally aware of the Government at this Time of Being.  We applaud the Government of this Time and the American People who have elected a President at this Time of Being.  We would rather have had it at that time, to be a feminine energy for a greater change, but it was all right to bring forth the one that they have elected, Mr. Obama.
It is Time at this Time of Great Stress that is upon  all of the peoples of the Earth.  Not only America.  All countries are now into great disasters of Time because of what they have done.   America has led the way unto them of this Time, for their downfall upon the economic part of lifetime here upon Earth, for these experiences that are coming forth.  One must understand always of these Times, that it is to be of these Times of Life, for all to know. But there is not all negative my friends.  There are many good things yet to come forth.
Upon the Medical Society  of this Time of Being, they have found a cure for Cancer, of certain kinds of Cancer,  and they will announce this soon to come forth.  Be aware of it because it is a beginning.  You see, the Scientists have control and have made a cure for Cancer a long, long time ago, but the American Medical Association has decided not to let it be known, so that people who come forth at this time, will find that they depend upon the Medical Association to have their lives spared for them.  So in order to keep their business running,  they do not give to thee the cure.  There are many cures.  The Brotherhood of Light has given to them, many cures and they have kept them from the American People and also from the World  unto its center of Time of Being into these experiences that one would know of these lifetimes upon Earth.  But you see, at this Time, it is proper to be of this Light. 
What is going to happen?  Many things are going to come forth.  You are going to look forward to a GREAT DEPRESSION.  Maybe as large as the last one you had, maybe not.  But it is depending upon the American People and the people of the World who are going to control this, not the Government.  If you hold your money back and don't spend it, there will be a Great Depression   If you spend your money and continue to work, there will be jobs available to work upon them.  This is the message that you must give to everyone that you know of in this Time of Being.  It is up to the American People to stave off what you call 'a Depression.'  You are already into a Great Recession, but it will be better, if people begin to understand it.

Try to live according to your means, of course, not into great debtedness as it was before.   It had to go this way because money was too easy to come by unto the younger people who come forth at this Time, and banks were willing to give it to them because of the great interest they were causing.  But then, everything has to come to an end, does it not?  And it is so at this Time of Being, for it is coming to an end of this Life Time; the Economical rising forth.  That is what is going to happen now.

We of The Brotherhood of Light of The Spirit World look upon Earth and Americans as a Blessing on the Earth Plane of these Times.  Remembering of this: to go forth and be your Love and Peace as I have said so many times 'Universal, Impersonal Love is very important for all to realize upon this Earth Plane.  Love your neighbor as you would have them love you.  It is important to understand  of this Time.  It is also important to spread this Joy to all Peoples, that you know.  I have said this for three Decades of Time to understand of these Times  of Being upon The Earth.  It has now come to pass.  That is the Economical scene upon America.  It will rise forth and fall here and there.  And the investment people who have their monies invested into great large amounts of monies  into the market that is called Stock Market, they are going to lose.  Some of them are going to lose. 

    If you sell your commodities you are going to lose your money.  If you hold your commodities together, it will rise up again because of the word you are going to give out to the People to say: "Don't save your money and hoard your money.  Spend it!  Buy the things that you are normally used to having and then jobs will continue.  If you do not spend, people, you do not buy, then the jobs go away. Then people do not have money to spend and buy.  Ye understand of these things, it is common sense into this Time of Being, what I say !  

     Now, coming forth for this Time of Being, you have a new President.  Mr. Obama.  As many people say, 'the color barrier has been lifted and changed." That is marvelous !  But only those few who cry about the color barrier are the ones who put the color barrier there.  They are the prejudiced ones !  But I say to thee, those who look upon another person because of their color, are fools, but those who look upon the other person as their means of Life and the way they come forth, who are they and what are they going to be doing of this Time?  That is important !  Mr. Obama is a good man !  He is going to try to bring America back upon its feet.  It is important that he do of this !  But alas, I say unto thee, there are the factions upon Earth who do not want him to succeed even a little bit, so they have already put forth plans to assassinate him wherever they can, because of their greed and their ignorance, ye understand?  It has been done before, has it not? 

    But I say unto thee, 'No one on this Earth Plane can be totally safe of the terrorists of this Time of Life.  You are fighting a war of terrorism.  It is called 'a never-ending war' , because it is an attitude, is it not ?  The attitude of terrorism is caused by 'thought creation' and those into other countries who say they are terrorrists, don't care about Life; yours or mine or anyone else's upon the Earth Plane or in Spirit.  They only care about theirself and their existence of this Time of Earth.  But they will not be here forever. They who have gone before them and slayed thousands and thousands of people are still suffering their own deep sleep which they will do for a long, long time yet to come.  So into this Time of Being,  it is written into thy Holy Book, "Thou shall not kill".  That does not put any reason not to or reasons to.  But is says, "Thou shall not kill."  Understand it !  Total knowledge of that verse is, 'If you love your God, and the Peoples, thou shall not kill."  That is the reason of this Time of Being.  Taken from the Forty Three Questions  a person would have to answer to enter the Inner Temples of Mu.  That which many people don't understand what Mu is.  It is called The Garden of Eden.  Understand entering into the Temples of that Time.

January 19, 2009
What is coming forth upon this Earth Plane at this Time has been coming forth for a long, long, long time as Man counts Time upon Earth.  It has arrived, out of greed; Man's greed at this Time of Being as we all understand of it at this Time.  But it is going to solve itself politically at this Time of Being.  It has been said to I, Ashlem, "I  heard these things out of the mouths of many babes upon this Earth Plane, that Mr. Obama will not live out his sentence upon this Earth Plane of his Time upon office.  It is possibly so.  There are so many peoples out there who are still prejudiced who will try to take his life.  Whether or not they will be able to do that, it is not known nor will I reveal it to thee whether they are going to do it or not.  But if they do take of his life, it is going to cause a chaos like you have never seen before, my friends, thru the whole world, not just America. So one must stop and think about these things coming forth upon the Earth Plane.  And the political scene upon Earth is going to change, of course it is.
We have a long time ago, said to the People of Earth here, do not elect Mr. Bush as president for his second term,, but we could not get to all of the people upon Earth and he was re-elected. And now you understand why we have said, do not elect Mr. Bush again, for this is what was in the order. 'To ravage the Industrial Corporations.'  Now America is going to straighten out, if the Government 'bail out' as they call of it, the automobile industry, as they did the banking industry, then it will it will be all right for awhile, but everyone is going to have to reduce their prices into reality. It is a hard thing for people to do, to reduce their prices.  In other words you are going to have to reduce your salary.
If you are going to work, you are going to get less money for the job.  That is going to take a few years to bring this about, but it will stabilize the American dollar all over the world.  It has run rampant in this Time of Being.  We have said over twenty five years ago that the Rainbow money would come forth and the American dollar would be devaluated.  It is still to come.  Is it going to come in the year 2009?  We don't know yet.  It depends upon the Economy, does it not?  If you keep spending your money and buying products that you need, and not going overboard with your indebtedness, then it will stabilize itself.  It may come to pass, but you see, everything is hinged upon a certain existence of this Time of Being; 'The Christ Within'.   All is reigned by The God Force Within of All Things.  Thought is the Creative Force as I have said so many times before.  Change the thoughts of the Nation, you change the Nation.  Change the thoughts of a person, you change the Life of that person.  That is as simple as that !  Everything is done by thought, and the Creative Force is Thought which creates all circumstances. This is how America got into its trouble and how the whole world got into its trouble !
Remember the Five Mind Perversions; of Anger, Greed, Lust, Materialism, and Vanity that controls everything at this Time of Being. But you see...there is always the Sun shining behind the cloud, is it not so?  Even on your most cloudiest day it might be raining, but the Sun is still shining above it, so it's not to end.  Many have said to I, Ashlem, what is going to occur yet in the year 2012?  The Mayan Calendar ran out in 2012.  The Earth is not going to end my friends, it is going to change. Is this not the beginning of that change?  Is this not the beginning of that happening?  Then the Mayan calendar that they put forth at this Time of Being is a change in existence of Thought Consciousness, is it not?  But by the year 2012 would it not be proper for everyone to Change their mind to more Positive Love Thinking than negative, slaying my Brother at this Time of Being?  That is the important thing of this Life Force upon Earth.  Then when they know of these things of Life and what they are doing.  That is the Economic Scene of America at this Time, for you are truly interested into America, but you must be interested into the other satellite countries also, because their Economy depends upon your Economy and your Economy depends upon their Economy and so forth.  That is how it works upon this Earth Plane.
The Modernization of Travel has allowed Commerce to interchange with each other easily, not taking months to cross the ocean.but only a few minutes to speak of.  That is how it is being done.  To realize what you are doing upon this Earth Plane is also reflected into other countries. England is suffering also, as is Germany and all the Great Nations are still suffering.  But it will be all right.  Have a Positive Thinking of this.  Like I have said, you have invested into the Stock Market, if you sell your stock, you will lose your money.  If you hold onto your stock, it will rise again, if  the company does not go broke.  That's the chance you took when you first started.  So therefore it is always a gamble is it not?  To invest your monies into something unseen.  So let us not worship the American dollar.  Let us worship Love and Peace and Understanding of each other and you will be all right at this Time of Being.  
Let us look upon Nature at this Time of Being of Life,  as the calendars have gone forth and predicted many things of Nostradamus and many other of the great prophets  have spread forth of different things.  But you see your Holy Books have already decided of things to come forth, yet who listens to it?  Because it has been changed so often that you cannot even understand of what is Truth and what is not Truth of that Bible or the Holy Book of any Nation of this Time of Being. So how do you correct it?  The only way to correct anything is thru Universal, Impersonal Love for each other and everything upon the Earth Plane of this Time of Being, that you may understand yourself in this Period of these Experiences of Time.  All things work together of this Time of Being.  Mother Nature upon this Earth Plane is changing also. Along with the times of Disasters financially shall come Disasters thru Nature. 
We have said before, there shall be earthquakes, great earthquakes yet to come to complete.  There shall be earthquakes in places where they never had an earthquake before in your history.  And the ground shall shake violently in those places as I have said.  When?  I do not know.  But you see, it is going to be soon, because all these vibrations of negativity are causing changes upon the Earth Plane to the Vibrations of The Christ Consciousness.  That changes things is it not so? As you change your thoughts to happiness, would it not change the vibration and  aid things to come forth? That Message I have been saying for over thirty years at this Time of Being.  And the Message is; Peace and Love. A Vibration of Consciousness.  People think my words are spoken and they are heard and then they dissipate. They go on forever and forever in their Vibration, changing their Vibration throughout the Cosmos throughout Eternity, for thoughts are Creation.  As you go forth, you create with your thoughts.  If you have negative thoughts, you put them all out into the Atmosphere into the Ethers of Time, they will return to thee, the same way you put them out !  Positive or negative.  Ten times stronger than what you sent them out. That is exacting science of Spirit, so remember of this.  Then why would you not put Love forth more than anything else?  Because you want to get Love back to yourself.  This is how you get sending it out to others at this Time of Being and this Life Force within upon Earth at this Time.
I have said a long time ago, soon there shall be an earthquake into Southern California.  There have been many earthquakes since then in Southern California.  But they call it "The Big One."  It has not yet come, but when it does come, it is going to center itself into a place called Long Beach.  The ground will melt away into the ocean. The Brotherhood of Light has been testing and checking the San Andreas Fault, the greatest Fault in this Hemisphere of Time, to see the slippage.  It will reach into what is called 'Idylwild' or what you call the City of Banning, in that area of Banning Pass.  There is thirty nine foot increasing, an ounce every year of pressure build up there.  If it should give away, that means the ground will slip thirty nine feet from each other.  You have the Pacific Plate and you have the North American Plate pressing in opposite ways with each other that will cause this.  The San Andreas Fault is part of that edge of those plates.  If it slips thirty nine feet, it is going to be a great earthquake.  Many people will die. 
But before even people will think about it, there is one that is called 'New Madrid Fault' equally as strong into what you caall 'Midwest' America.  As Mr. Cayce (Edgar) had prophesized that "The Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico".  That is not an impossibility.  It could be a probability coming forth yet. If the ground shakes rapidly  If this Fault  should slip violently and great earthquake come forth,  there will be hundreds of thousands of people perish who live right on it and don't even know it is there.  But it will continue for this Time of Being. There is called the Ring of Fire, the Volcanic action around your Pacific Ocean, still now becoming less dormant, and stronger upon this Earth.  Coming forth there shall be new volcanoes coming forth and mountains shall be burst asunder and sink below the sea.  Other lands will be rising forth from the sea.  As it was said, "Atlantis shall rise again !"  But is it the City of Atlantis or the Continent of Atlantis that is going to rise or is it the Attitude of the People rising forth?  And the great culture, it will be an Antiluvian Civilization of Time of Being.  Long before you can imagine, it was so. 
Pay attention to The Brotherhood of Light.  Thee call them 'Space People'.  They have been thru this Quadrant of Planets long before you were even thought of at this Time of Being.  Before there was Earth, they were, serving The God Force of The Higher Being of Light.  They are close to the Christ Being and The Christ Consciousness.  They call them The Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light.  You, most of you have been there already and served in between Incarnations into this Brotherhood and know what I have been speaking of this Time of Being. It will continue on of this Light, for there are going to be more of what you call 'sightings' coming forth very soon.  You will see them.  The reason for this is because they want everyone to believe that The Brotherhood of Light has returned to give them aid, to help the countries.  They are not here to conquer Earth.  Only a fool would think of it. Because you see, they could have conquered Earth billions of years ago if they so wished to. But they are not here to do that.  They are here to preserve Life.  For they are close to the Spirit World for Life is precious in all manners and all forms.
To be upon the Earth Plane at this Time is very important.  A very good Experiences of Time.  You have been born to come at this Period of Time of Life to be upon this Earth Plane, for your Mission is not completed yet.  Because if it were completed, you would not be here anymore.  You would be in Spirit.  For your Course of Destiny.  When it ends, you will end.  That is what you have produced from your Greater Self, your Greater Spirit of these times of Knowing. 
Upon Earth, what is happening of this?   There are going to be some more fearful wars coming forth because Man has not yet learned.  You see, fighting the terrorists of this Time of Being is like what is called 'a losing battle', because it is an ATTITUDE.  Instead of fighting terrorists with guns and bullets, you should be fighting the terrorists with Love and Peace and changing their mind, because a terrorist has to have a bad attitude, is it not so?  If that attitude changes to Peace, Happiness, Love, there will be no wars. It is that simple.

So coming forth, there is still the negativity of The Beasts out there who are ready to kill your President any moment they can.  They may succeed of this.  They may not succeed of this.  Who is to know?  A prophecy.  One would be a fool to recognize of this Time, but the assassins are coming forth, as every President in the past  had to witness that idiotic person who wishes to kill him for their own gain.  Support your President.  Help him.  He is honest within his being at this Time,  But he is human.  He may change his mind about many things.  Let us hope they are going to be changes of Positive Thinking.  But you can help this with your Positive Thinking projecting toward this experiences.  We of The Brotherhood of Light do not wish to manipulate Mankind anymore.  We have promised not to do this anymore since Sodom and Gomorra was destroyed.  (We weeped a long time for doing this but it was necessary because  that area was infected with a  disease like Aids of today that became airborne.)

We will not interfere with Man's Freedom of Choice anymore, but when the Earth comes to a violent shaking of the end, what are we to do?  Should we let it falter and fall or shall we pick it up again?   We are here to serve Humankind with Love and Dignity, not with hatred and discontent.  You have Freedom of Choice.  Change your thoughts to Love and Peace and Happiness.  You will change the WORLD sooner or later.  It is like an epidemic.  Put a smile upon your face and does not the one next to you smile also and next to he or she smile also?  It is catching is it not so?  That is a beginning of Simplicity to say of what is of Life at this Time of Being. 
And the year 2009 is going to be a very uprising time, as I have called of it, The Triunity.  The Triunity is three, and three times three is nine.  So in three years, the Economy of America should rise forth greater with Love and Dignity... IF the American People understand what is occurring.  If they have Faith in each other, it shall come forth.  But then, must not the Beast become hungry so it can be fed?  Then understand, if that Depression does come forth upon the Earth Plane, it is a great learning experience, is it not?  But they have not learned before, from the last one.  But this one is different is it not so?  It will be greater because there are more people involved into it than there were before.  Yes, I believe and so does the Brotherhood of Light believe that the Government will stand forth and beat this system that has been put forth.  But we will not interfere with your choices.  Your Choice is Love and Peace.  Then bring it forth to each other and spread it so that it goes forth to your neighbor and your neighbor spreads it to their neighbor and their neighbor and so forth and so on until the Vibration of Love, conquers and heals.  That is important for the scene of Earth.     

I have said, into Nature, the ground will shake violently in many places.  Fissures shall open.  Many people will lose their lives.  It is part of The Experience.  Pray  (mourn) for their souls, that they may find that Greater Peace Within, for they shall return to the Earth to make it stronger yet upon this Earth Plane  for this Life of Being of Light for all to understand.  There shall be great Truths into many things coming forth.  It is not all dark my friends.  It is going to be Peace and Love in different places.  It is going to be a struggle.  It is so that it is going to come forth.  And an Economy will be born that will be unbreakable because Wisdom will step in,  and greed will be changed outwardly and chased away and the ugly head of the Evil will be chopped off, to speak of.  That is what Spirit is saying What does Humans say upon the Earth Plane?  What is to occur on the Earth Plane at this Time of Being?  

There will be 'sightings' of The Brotherhood of Light into, as I have said before, New York Harbor, more than ever before.  There will be 'sightings' over your area called Phoenix; you have seen before. They will come again.  It is important they keep their secret existence.  Why ?  Because they want you to realize that they have a greater power than you can even imagine. They are One with God, The Force of Creation. They do come forth, NOT TO BOW DOWN TO THEM LIKE MAN HAD DONE MILLENIUMS AND MILLENIUMS OF TIMES AGO,  when Man bowed down to the Brotherhood, because they were called 'Gods'. But they were not Gods and they did not want to be Gods; but Natives made them their Gods.  So The Brotherhood had to leave the Earth Plane to be away for awhile.  Now they are returning because of this Vibration that is upon the Earth Plane as you have been witnessing it now on the Earth.  They are bonding and gathering forth together  to make Earth a better place to live.  Not for Earth to die !  It is a JEWEL in this Cosmos of Planets.  But you must  remember;  there are thousands upon thousands of Planets just like Earth throughout the Great Cosmos, the size of it beyond your imagination, to even begin with of these Times of Being.   
Upon Earth, we are focusing our Peace at this Time of Being, that you may know of this Time of Life for all Experiences.  Are thee going to rise forth and give your neighbor a hand to help them who have been destituted or will you walk away and say, "That is too bad. I feel sorry for you, but I cannot help you."  But a helping hand is deserving.  Are you going to help your neighbor for this Time of Being, your relative or whomever it might be?   You are not alone going to stop negativity upon this Earth Plane, but every thought creates another thought of beauty and peace.  Spread it with joy upon yourself on this Earth Plane. That is important, for the Holy Time has come and passed.  You call it Christmas.  It is not passed yet.  There are many people who do not even understand what Christmas was about.  CHRIST MASS.  The Celebration of Light !  They call it the 'Celebration of Jesus being born.'  But Jesus was born of The Light, the same as you are born of The Light. Then you are part of The Experiences of The Christ Consciousness.  That is what you are spreading forth at this Time of Being.     

But there are so many different factions of upon the Earth Plane who are thinking much negativity.  It is so.  The whole Earth is suffering now.  Can you stop the Genocide into these other third world countries that a  Dictator is going to take of their lives or a certain kind of Government going to take of their lives?   They don't want them to learn anything.  If you keep the people ignorant, you  can control them.  That is their theorem.  Then we must rise forth and teach, must we not?  Truth and Purity and Grace and teach them of The God Force Within All Beings of Creation, so they will know who they are of this Time of Being also.  It is important for your youth to come forth and stand forth with honest dignity about  theirself, respecting theirself.  If you cannot respect yourself, how can you respect others?  How may you have others respect thee?  That is important.  For a person go forth and put on their finest clothing and go to market.  They want to show people that they are good people, but the homeless one who does not have those fineries, is walking down the street.  Does that make him a less person?  Nay !  Unfortunate person yay, but negative person say for this time of Being, "Where is the Light?  Where is the Peace of Creation?  Where is the Positive Existence of this Earth Plane of this Time?  How are we  going to find it?"

It lies within your heart, my friends !  Your own thinking, your heart, your love, your joy is come forth. That is what (Christmas) Christ Mass is about. There is this Time now; this New Year coming forth to go forth and think Positive about your Existence.  Think Positive about your neighbor.  You cannot afford to bail out his mortgage, but if he becomes hungry, would you not feed him?  If you have two morsels, would you not give a morsel to him?  Or would thee say 'Nay. I need my two morsels'. Then you are the fool, because you will suffer!

There is a Period of Time coming forth I believe, and so does the Brotherhood of Light believe, that the countries will  re- right themselves and  war will go away.  The sad thing is, Mr. Obama is going to try to bring your troops home from the terrible war they should not have been in to begin with at the time.  And those who have died will have died in vain, because  another country, Iran, will try to invade Iraq. 
If they pull the troops out of Iraq within the next few months, it will devastate it, because of other countries who want to take over their resources.  But if they will remain their troops there, to help Iraqi people maintain their Peace, it will be all right for awhile. And Afghanistan...those people there, don't want the Americans  or any other country to  be there.  The Taliban and other negative organizations to come forth, they will get stronger.  It is like a terrible disease.  In order to eradicate it, you would have to rid the whole country of it, but that is almost an impossibility now. 
Religion...what is happening with Religion of this Day?  Religion controls people's lives.  We understood this.  Millenniums ago we understood this, but not all religions are great are they?  Islam means 'Peace'; but there is no Peace in Islam is there?  Because they have changed the order of the Religion.  It has been widely spread now to many countries...into America, Germany, England, France...Many countries Infiltrated their Religious aspects of Beings of Light, changing their ways.  Love and Peace is important. A person say, "Are you a Christian?"  And you say unto them,  "But I AM of all things.  I AM of The Light, so therefore, I AM a Christian, one who recognizes and worships The Light of Creation. That is what Christianity means."  Then they will say, "You are a believer of Jesus? Then you believe He is the Messiah?  Then you must be wrong, because my religion say The Messiah hasn't come yet." There are  ... Noone  ever recognize their  Messiah, if it did come.  Understand of it.  Then is it not that God lies within...The Christ Consciousness thru your own heart and your own thinking at this Time of Being?    This Expression is coming forth.  It is understanding of this Time.
I have said to thee that Florida, Central Florida will be devastated.  There was a great storm that took place.  It is just the beginning.  As the Earth is changing on its Axis at this Time of Being, a degree at a time, so will the currents of the oceans, causing greater storms than you have ever seen before in your lives or heard of.  They will separate the lowlands of Atlantis which is called Florida.  It will be devastating to many of those places there.  That has nothing to do with Politics.  It has much to do with the lay of the land.
The area that is  called San Diego will soon have a great earthquake that will devastate them.  In the year 2009 I do not know, but it is closeThe ground is shaking !  Earth is changing !  That is what is coming forth, but you will see, and then you will say, Nay.  Behind every dark cloud,  there is a silver lining.  What it means by it is that after the storm is over, the sun shines !  So, is not an earthquake like a storm?  It is produced for a certain reason of Time of Change and so it will be.  And they  cried forth and say, 'The poor people who died in the great Tsunami that took place recently'.  People say "Then why didn't God prevent this and why did God take all those people?"  Could it be that was their Destiny?  Would you have them not fulfill their Destiny?  Then where is the Light of this Force of this Time of Being of All Creation? 
I  have brought Robert here to this beautiful center to help here to bring it to Life again.  It is coming forth at this Time of Being.  It is a Center of Light that will always be at this Time of Existence.  In the year 2009, you will see different  strides coming forth, a little at a time.  Are thee going to serve the community?  Are you going to help in this Community?  It is up to thee.  As you see, the Earth is changing, Man is changing.  Now Man is sitting back thinking, "Why did I allow this to occur to my family?  I am devastated.  I had to file Bankruptcy.  I had to lose everything that I had tried to build up."  The answer to that is GREED !  Did I say I was a greedy person?  In reality, I would say, 'Nay !'  But you did not stop to think before you leaped into  bad habits of indebtedness.  Everything is based upon a person's job and how much money they worked and earned in a week or day or a year at this Time of Being.  But they do not stop to think  'it is impossible that that job would end and I have to look for another job.'  And that is what has occurred.  So the message of greater interest upon this Earth at this Time of Being is BE YOURSELF.  Be your Love.  Find that existence that you need here upon this Earth and go for it !  Continue to work hard, then you will have a job.  Then your job will cause you to have a greater understanding of Finances.
Great lessons have been learned by your Political Regime and also by every man, woman and child upon this Earth, because that is what the Spiritual number of nine (9) is. A learning Experiences.  How many of you have thought about it or just accepted the number ( 9 ) nine?  2-0-0-9.  It is written that 2,000 years ago, Jesus was born of the Christ Consciousness.  Is not the nine ( 9 ) The Christ Consciousness?  Then at this Time of Being, would you not stand forth into your Light and say, "I AM. ?  I AM One with The Father, I Am One with mySelf, I AM One with my neighbor, I AM One with my friends, I AM One with The Light of Creation that I may continue this Life...And have that which you need upon this Earth Plane to survive.
The Government will prevail.  We are pleased with  their choices they have made so far.  The Brotherhood of Light is working with him.  Yay, it is so, the Brotherhood of Light will take your new President upon their vehicles when he least expects it.  He will be shown, as all the other Presidents were shown, the proper way to be of Light... not to implement him into doing certain things, for him to know that he has the right to seek Peace upon this Earth Plane and  Divinity and Love.  And if he needed help, ask for it and it will be given unto him, but you see, some of your Presidents, past Presidents have never asked for help, so they have been ignored.  But let us hope at this time of Being, that the changing coming forth is going to be a good change
Let the Light shine within each of you at this Time of Being for the Grace of God and the Grace of Light.  All things come to pass for he who waiteth with Love and Dignity.  He who waiteth with hatred and discontent, that is what he will reap his harvest of.  They who find the Greater Peace within God within their Life is important. 
Yes, there shall be great storms coming forth through the Eastern United States.  There shall be Hurricanes, great Tornadoes destroying civilizations.  Have I not also told people?  They who have not learned,  let I say to people to understand  something.  Remember, it is the fire that tempers the steel to make it strong.  If there was no fire, the steel would never become strong would it ?  So would you consider the change upon Earth at this Time, the fire, to make you a stronger person ?  Think about it !  It is within the Peace of Mind.  There shall be the shaking of ground into Texas at this Time of Being.  They will become greatly frightened because it never shook before there. There shall be a shaking of the ground into the region called Montana.  People will say they never had an earthquake there before.  There was, but they weren't alive to see it.  The Region that is called Colorado River will be shaken once again.  Your Scientists have just discovered that it is a Fault.  The Colorado River was formed by a Fault.  It will shake soon to come forth.  Can you stop this?  Nay !  You can only prepare for it at this Time of Being.  So you spread the word and there are people who will call you a fool for thinking of these negative things.  'You are a fool for thinking there is going to be an Earthquake. You are a fool ! ' They will be the ones who will  cry forth "God save me !" Those are words we heard.  It is up to they.  What to speak of at this Time of Being.   The Darkness of all that is coming forth in a  few months ahead of you at this Time of Being. 
Have Peace and Prayers.  Pray for Peace !  Your prayers are heard, my Peoples !  Your prayers are heard !  Meditate with positive thinking.  Those vibrations of positive energy go forth and create !  Because thought is the Creation, is it not so?  The Creative Force !  If you think positive, you will begin to become positive and all your directions  become positive with Grace and Love  and it is a Great Vibration taking place  into all things.  As I have always said, 'Without Love, there is no Creation."  Love is the Creative Force in many directions and many ways.  So let us produce it at this Time coming forth  called two thousand and nine. ( 2009 ).  There shall come forth 2010.  You will reap the Harvest of 2000 and 9. (2009) .  And then 2011 come forth, and in 2011 will be a reverberation of what happened in 2010, and then in 2012, they say the world is going to end. Nay !  Earth will never end my friends.  Its vibrations will end and change That is why the Mayan Calendar had never gone on any further than that.  They saw not any further than that.  But you can see further than that can't you? By your thoughts and creations. You go on and on.  There will be a Pole Shift in Time,  as I have said many times ago.  We still do not know when. Then pray for your salvation of your Spirit in the Holy Land of The Creation; The HOLY LAND OF GOD, The Force of Creation !  Understand thee of these things.  
What may one prophesize of the coming year?   Make it as you wish it to make it  of this Time of Being.  Make it as you need to make it of this Time of Being, thru Love and Dignity and that's what will create for thee.  That is important.  Do not fear !  Fear.  Fear is negative.  Fear will bring about that fear that you are afraid of.  It will manifest into negative energies.  That is important of this Time of Being.  Talk about Earth and the coming Time.  A beautiful Planet has been here for Millenniums and Millenniums of Time.  It is growing.  It is not going to end unless you destroy it.  Peace is the Word and the Way...LOVE IS THE VIBRATION necessary. 
The Angels Of Light come forth of this Time of Being as they are here into the Great Auditorium here; the Golden Hall of Wisdom and Knowlegde that is every where here of this Time of Being.  You are sitting in your Golden Hall of Wisdom and Knowledge with your Thought Creation at this Time of Being; and WHO ARE THEE?   Ye are servants of each other.  You must serve each other thru that Universal, Impersonal Love for this Time of Being.  Then make your decisions.  Make them properly and you will find salvation.  ALL ARE ANGELS OF THIS TIME OF BEING.  Join with I, Ashlem, in The Great AUM, please begin.   (All sing the Aum (OM).  I cannot hear thee !  (Once again the people sing the Aum louder.)

Ashlem begins a Blessing in the Tibetan Language.  When he stops, the people again sing the Aum even louder and more beautifully in harmony holding the wondrous Vibration a long time.  Ashlem speaks again:
"And the Vibrations of Light continue Aum of this Time of Being, that all may hear the Words of God within your heart.  Peace be unto thee !  I take my leave ! "
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